Rain Gauge


    Harvest Hero’s “Hammer Head” style rain gauge is a weather-resistant clear plastic that allows you to quickly see and measure rainfall events up to 5″. Whether your staking location is a potted plant, raised garden bed, or in-ground, the orange marking behind the numbers magnifies the numbers for easy reading. Harvest Hero’s rain gauge stake can be mounted to a post with your own screws or the stake can be inserted directly into the desired grow location. Stake adds 4″ to the product height.

    Product Size: 3″ W x 11″ L x 1-1/2″ D

    Material: Plastic

    Standard Packaging: Polybagged

    The Grower’s Guide to Enhanced Perlite Mix

    Whether you’re a pro in the garden or you’re just getting started, Harvest Hero can help you figure out how much Enhanced Perlite Mix you’ll need to ensure a robust crop. We’ve carefully crafted the ideal amounts of Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite Mix you’ll need based on how many plants you’re planning to grow. The calculations in the following chart use a “middle of the road” approach. They’ll work in most instances, but we’ve erred on the side of possibly too much to avoid the mistake of not having enough to sow your next crop.

    Container SizeHarvest Hero Volume (Quarts)Peat or Coco Volume (Quarts)
    1 GALLON13
    2 GALLON25
    3 GALLON48
    5 GALLON614
    7 GALLON919
    10 GALLON1228
    12 GALLON1533
    15 GALLON1842
    20 GALLON2456
    25 GALLON3070
    30 GALLON3684