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Safety Data Sheet

For those of you who really like to dig deep.

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State Shipping Regulations

Every state has their own rules and regulations for product distribution of soil amendments, soil substrates and fertilizer products (because of course they do). Harvest Hero can be delivered in most states and is actively pursuing registration for Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite Mix in the rest. You can see where we can currently deliver below.

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Shipping Policies

Order to Shipment Timing – Orders received and confirmed by 12:00 PM pacific time will be scheduled to ship the following day.

Delivery Transit – We rely on our shipping partners to meet their estimated delivery timing. Exceptions will happen, unfortunately we cannot guarantee a delivery date. When your order is confirmed, an estimated transit time will be provided. When your order is fulfilled you will receive a confirmation email with the necessary tracking information. The number of shipping days does not include the date the order is shipped.

Delivery Cost – When your order is confirmed, the cost of shipping will be provided. In the case of circumstances beyond our control, your order may be subject to charges in addition to the original cost provided.