Putting almost 100 years of experience to good use.

Most folks don’t think about it too much, but many of the minerals and other nutrients that are useful to growing things have to come from somewhere, and someone has to get them. The Dicalite Management Group has been that someone since 1928.

Dicalite is a world leader in the mining and refining of perlite, vermiculite and diatomaceous earth, minerals that have applications in almost every industry. But they are especially useful in horticulture. Which is why it’s not surprising that so many of the chemists, engineers, horticulturists and even miners on staff share a passion for growing things.

Dicalite headquarters in West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

Dicalite headquarters in West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

A few years back, someone had the good idea to put all that energy and knowledge to use in the pursuit of the perfect growing media.

Harvest Hero products

And Harvest Hero was born.

Since our founding, we’ve spent countless hours experimenting, testing, researching and growing to find the perfect blend of ingredients to create the ideal environment for amazing growth and yield. And now, thanks to the efforts of so many (and access to an almost unending supply of the highest quality ingredients on earth), we’ve launched our first three products, with more soon to follow.

Like you, we are growers.

We live for digging our fingers into rich soil. We find the act of nurturing a tiny seed until it bears fruit almost magical. And we are grateful that we have the knowledge and resources to apply science to the art of growing, creating soil mixes that give plants the very best start to their journey. And that gives you incredible results.