Role of Silica in Cannabis Growth

Learn about the role of silica in cannabis growth and how it can be used to increase yields.
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When thinking about the success of your cannabis crop, you probably examine the big picture. What is the flower bud weight? What is the THC yield? How big is the plant’s diameter? To get these results, you need to think much smaller, all the way down to the cellular level. You might be surprised to find out that you can support your plants at the smallest level with silica. Learn about the role of silica in cannabis growth and how it can be used to increase yields.

What Is Silica?

Silicon (Si) exists in all plants grown in soil, making up 0.1% to 10% of plant tissue. Plants can only absorb Si in the form of soluble monosilicic acid, a non-charged molecule, which is known as plant-available silicon (PAS). Natural diatomaceous earth is a good source of plant-available silicon and can be used as a soil conditioner to provide plants with the right amount of this nutrient. Other sources include standard soil (which likely doesn’t contain enough) and slag (which might contain harmful metals.)

How Plant-Available Silica Helps Increase Yields

This nutrient enhances the strength and rigidity of plants down at the cellular level, which reduces lodging and increases the light-receiving posture of the plant, allowing the plant to photosynthesize further and grow more. A plant that lacks silicon can even exhibit poor growth of crops and, in extreme cases, death.

By making your cannabis stronger at the cellular level with plant-available silica, your plants are better able to fight off abiotic stressors that can inhibit growth and cause plant death. The most common abiotic stressors your cannabis might experience are:

  • Drought (water stress)
  • Waterlogging
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Salinity
  • Mineral toxicity

With stronger cells and more resistance to abiotic stressors, your cannabis plants have the opportunity to grow bigger and produce bigger yields.

Tip: In order for your cannabis to reap the most benefits from plant-available silica, you should supplement with diatomaceous earth during the entire plant’s lifecycle, from seedling to harvest.

Bonus Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth

There are many reasons to choose diatomaceous earth for your source of plant-available silica:

  • Moisture retention – Diatomaceous earth improves the retention of moisture in potting mix, soil, and sandy soil by holding a greater amount of fluid and drying at a slower rate. The addition of diatomaceous earth to soil can increase drought resistance.
  • pH Buffer – Diatomaceous earth provides a level of buffering capacity to maintain an optimal root-zone pH.
  • Reduces compaction – Adds matrix to the soil to prevent waterlogging and ensure there is plenty of oxygen delivered to the root zones.
  • Contains nutrients. It may also contain secondary micronutrients such as calcium or iron, which can be absorbed by the plant’s root system and translocated to the cell wall.
  • Aids in reducing salinity. It promotes a neutral pH and improves soil conditions.

Choose Harvest Hero Natural Soil Conditioner with Diatomaceous Earth for Your Silica Boost

Give your plants the silica boost they need with Harvest Hero’s Natural Soil Conditioner with Diatomaceous Earth. It’s a 100% natural soil substrate that increases plant growth, improves soil conditions and strengthens plants against abiotic stressors for better plant mass.

  • 100% natural diatomaceous earth – A readily available silica source that helps fortify plant tissues.
  • Strengthens plant cell walls – Excellent source of soluble silicon which helps combat abiotic stress.
  • Reduces water costs – Improves the retention of moisture in potting mix and soil holding a greater amount of fluid and drying at a slower rate.

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