How to Increase Cannabis Flower Production and Yields

There are many things you can do to impact the health of your cannabis and the success of your harvest. Learn how to increase cannabis flower production.
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When growing cannabis, there are many ways to evaluate success. It can be evaluated by the CBD yield, root-to-shoot ratio, and dry flower weight. In addition to choosing the right strain, there are many things you can do to impact the health of your cannabis and the success of your harvest. Read on to learn the three important factors to increase cannabis flower production.

How to Increase Cannabis Flower Production and Maximize Yields

Ensure Your Soil Has the Right Nutrient Profile

There are macronutrients, secondary nutrients, and micronutrients that support your plant’s success. Each plays a specific role in plant growth and health, and you can influence the way your cannabis grows by using the right nutrients at the right time.

  • Potassium (K): This nutrient supports overall plant growth, activating dozens of important enzymes for protein synthesis, sugar transport, N and C metabolism, and photosynthesis. It is especially beneficial for flower response.
  • Phosphorus (P): While this nutrient is essential for the general health of plants, it’s especially vital for healthy roots, the basis of your seedling’s success. It is a key component of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), the energy unit of plants.
  • Nitrogen (N): Nitrogen gives plants the energy needed to grow and is the primary source of plant protoplasm. It helps plants synthesize amino acids, chlorophyll, nucleic acids, proteins, and enzymes.

Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite Mix will supply all needed fertilizers and nutrients during the early vegetative growth phase. Please refer to our cannabis growing timeline which features supplemental fertilization to produce robust growth, appearance, and fragrance while realizing outstanding yields.

Utilize Silica

Although silica is not essential for plant growth and development, it can provide many benefits. Silica helps your plant grow stronger stalks, which will allow the plant to support stronger, heavier flowers. It also helps strengthen cell walls, guards against environmental stress, improves the uptake of water and minerals and adds an extra level of protection against fungal diseases such as powdery mildew.

Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite Mix and Harvest Hero Perlite+ Silica feature diatomaceous earth as the source of silica.

Make Other Parts of the Plant Stronger

As you probably learned in science class, there are many parts of a plant that each have a different job. The three main parts of the plant are roots, stems, and leaves. Roots absorb water and minerals, anchor a plant, and provide a storage area for food. The stem provides support for the leaves and conducts water and minerals throughout the plant. Leaves provide food for the plant through photosynthesis. Each part of the plant needs to do its job in order to support the other parts of a plant.

For cannabis growing, one way to measure and predict growing success is the root-to-shoot ratio. This is a measurement of the amount of plant tissues with supportive functions (roots) compared to the amount of plant tissue with growth function (shoots). A plant with a higher proportion of roots than a neighboring plant will be able to compete more successfully for soil nutrients and therefore grow bigger flowers. There are many reasons this measurement is important for your cultivation:

  • Better roots equals better flower growth. During the beginning of the vegetation stage, root growth will impact the growth of the above-ground parts of the plant. Taking grain, for example, a 1% change of the root system size can result in a 2% increase in yield.
  • Roots provide significant insight into the health of your plant. There is more to healthy roots than just size. It’s also important to consider the development timing, type of root branching, and root penetration depth.
  • It improves plant communication. There is psychological communication between the roots and shoots that impacts plant growth and resiliency. In fact, the roots are considered the “brain of the plants.” The transmission signals between the root and above-ground plant can help in the event of pests or disease attack. A healthy root-to-shoot ratio can improve your plant’s stress response.

Use Harvest Hero to Increase Cannabis Flower Production and Yields

Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite Mix

Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite Mix was artfully crafted with cannabis growers in mind to increase yields, flavor, and potency. The mix features a unique, proprietary blend of perlite, diatomaceous earth, and essential nutrients that help support the critical vegetative growth stage of your cannabis plants.

NC State conducted testing to see how cannabis plants were impacted by this 3-in-1 mix. The test included four groups of rooted cuttings, one of which was a control. The results provide insights into the impressive way this revolutionary mix impacts cannabis plants. Compared to a traditional control group of perlite and peat moss, Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite Mix resulted in:

  • Improve soil conditions for an Increase in Flower Bud Dry Weight.
  • Improve soil conditions for an Increase in Plant Diameter.
  • Improve soil conditions for an Increase in Phosphorous Accumulation.
  • Improve soil conditions for an Increase in Potassium Accumulation.
  • Improve soil conditions for an Increase in CBD Yields.
  • Improve soil conditions for an Increase in Nitrogen Accumulation.
  • Improve soil conditions for an Increase in Plant Height.

Harvest Hero’s Perlite+ Silica

Similar to our Enhanced Perlite Mix, Harvest Hero’s Perlite+ Silica blend spotlights diatomaceous earth (the silica content) and perlite. Without the addition of nutrients, you have more control over the ones you add to your soil mix. The benefits of this blend include:

  • Natural soil substrate: an organic amendment that will increase growth.
  • Maintains high levels of oxygen in the soil.
  • Increases your crops’ uptake in water and essential nutrients.
  • The silica source provided by diatomaceous earth enhances resiliency towards abiotic environmental stress.
  • Minimizes pH fluctuations by keeping oxygen levels consistent.
  • Increases plant mass and plant growth. The silica fortifies the plant tissue to improve plant conditions in times of abiotic stress, like during temperature extremes, sunlight, and water extremes.

Whatever You Grow, Grow Great with Harvest Hero

Whether you are growing cucumbers or cannabis, our proprietary mixes improve your soil quality, helping your plants get the nutrition they need to ensure robust and vigorous growth. Our mixes are great for recreational growers and professional horticulturists. Shop for Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite Mix today and get FREE SHIPPING on all bag sizes from 8 quart to 3 cubic foot bags

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