Storage and Handling

To prevent possible contamination of your Harvest Hero products, please follow these guidelines:

  1. What is the shelf life for Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite Mix?
    Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite Mix can be stored indefinitely if the product is kept dry. This product will not lose effectiveness or potency when stored over time. Keep Harvest Hero products clean and dry until use. Moisture will not degrade Harvest Hero products, but it will make it difficult to unload and may separate some of the material. Harvest Hero products do not contain any organic content. However, allowing water to absorb into the material may promote the growth of mold or other organic materials.
  2. Keep the products away from odors
    Harvest Hero products exhibit a porous, microscopic structure, which allows for the retention of small amounts of liquids and/or gases on their surface. If you store the product next to products that have strong odors, it is quite common for Harvest Hero products to pick up these odors.
  3. What to do if your Harvest Hero Product becomes contaminated
    You can dry Harvest Hero products and they should return to their original properties. Similarly, you can remove odors by applying heat. This is of course, inconvenient, and potentially costly, so please prevent contamination by using proper storage guidelines.